How I work and Packages

I LOVE fun, laid back, chilled out weddings! I want you guys to just enjoy the day that you have spent time and money planning! I don’t interrupt important moments to tell you to face me or smile for the camera, I just capture it as it happens so that you’re looking back on real memories when looking through your wedding photos!

Have you ever been to a wedding when you’ve been standing around for ages waiting for group photos to be over? You’re thinking ‘ugh when can we go to the bar?!’ Or the couple disappear for an hour and everyone is wondering where their hosts are?! I have and this is why I like to take a relaxed approach. I take care of some formal photos quickly and efficiently so that you can all go get back to having a ball, I’d much rather capture that anyway, far better photos than standing in a line haha! I do like to do some relaxed couple photos but I know how important enjoying time with your friends and family is so I only take about 10 minutes doing these. Don’t worry, we still get EPIC photos in this time that will make everyone go WOW. It is also nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle for a little bit and be on your own and let everything sink in. It’s probably the first point of the day when you think ‘Shit, we’re married!!!’


I love to get involved and have a laugh with guests, the more comfortable they are around me, the better photos you will get of them as they won’t feel the need to hide from me! I am also like a ninja, I will hide behind walls, pillars in bushes to capture moments for you! I love to shoot through things to add to the scene so it tells even more of a story, for example the leaves of a tree or all of the gorgeous glasses and candles on the tables for the speeches etc! I also always have a pocket full of crystals to give things a dreamy effect, these work so well during bridal prep! I always stay for the dancing after the first dance as I just love those dancing shots.


I love weddings that are a bit different! It’s so refreshing to photograph such unique wedding days! Think weddings in barns, outdoors, in zoo’s (I’m a HUGE animal lover) or a tipi wedding etc!! Fun themes also get me excited, like carnival themed, super bright colours or a rock ‘n’ roll wedding day! Basically, if you’re doing something weird and wonderful then I am the photographer that you need to embrace it and capture it! I travel all over the UK capturing the love so don’t worry if you are not in Liverpool! I also love an intimate wedding so if you are eloping or having a small wedding then get in touch and I can get something sorted for you!

These prices are for full day (2 hours before ceremony until 9pm) 2023-24 weddings in the North West. Prices may vary depending on distance and year. Please contact me for a bespoke quote.

If you are having a smaller wedding, eloping or only want a few hours photography coverage then please click here for more information.



Where are you based?

I am based in Liverpool but I am happy to travel all over the UK.

How would you describe your style?

My style is natural and unobtrusive, I like to document the day as it happens so that you can relive real memories and moments. I am really laid back and relaxed and just want everyone to have fun so that I can capture it. I make an effort with guests so that they feel comfortable around me, this helps to stop people from hiding from the camera!

When is best to book?

It is best to book at least 18 months in advance to avoid disappointment and secure your favourite wedding photographer!

How do we book?

Fill in the form on the contact page to get things going then we will arrange a meeting and if you’re happy with everything I send you a booking form to fill in, it is then a £400 deposit to secure your date and once this is paid you are officially booked in!

When does the final balance need to be paid?

The final balance needs to be paid off a month before your wedding date. You can pay it sooner than this date but no later.

What do you need to know before the day?

I will send you a questionnaire with all of the information I need, there will be one with basic info when you book and another one closer to the time which will be more detailed.

Do your packages include an engagement shoot?

They don’t at the minute but you can add this on for £300, they’re a great way of getting used to me and the camera!

Do you use any lighting equipment?

I love natural light and the look that it gives, I try to use it to my advantage as much as I can! However, when it gets dark in the evenings or if it is a particular dark venue I am also very capable of using flash on and off my camera.

Can our guests take photos while you are taking photos?

I don’t mind guests taking photos but I do expect them to be considerate of me and yourselves by not getting in the way of your professional shots. I like to be the only one doing your couple photos and ask that I am the only professional photographer that you hire.

Do you require a meal?

You don’t have to get me a meal I am happy to bring a packed lunch or buy my own but I am always grateful if this is something you want to do!

What do you wear?

I like to wear comfy clothes so that I can be a photo ninja and crouch and move around easily. I mainly wear jumpsuits, smart trousers or a day dress. I am a fun and colourful person so these will probably be patterned or colourful haha.

How long do you stay for?

I arrive whilst you are getting ready before the ceremony, usually about 2 hours before, and stay until after the first dance. I always like to get all of your guests boogying and having a ball dancing and this doesn’t usually happen until after the first dance so I stay for a bit after to ensure this is captured! TIP: If you want more dancing photos think about having your first dance a bit earlier.

How long do we need for our family and couple photos?

I like to keep the family photos to a minimum to avoid stress, these can end up taking ages with people wondering off or not listening. So I say 10 family photos max and I whizz through this in 10/15 mins and are usually done after the ceremony to get them out of the way so you can enjoy your day! All of my couples are happy with natural photos rather than these awkward, stand in a line ones. Couple photos don’t take long either, we go for a little walk and get some natural photos of the two of you in nice spots, these are a little directed but don’t worry about it being awkward or cheesy!! Again, about 10/15 minutes for couple photos.

How many photos will we receive?

The amount differs with each wedding but I guarantee at least 500 photos from your full wedding day.

What do we receive after the wedding?

You will receive a USB in a cute little box with all of your photos on, 25 7x5 prints and an online gallery for easy sharing with family and friends.

How long until we get our wedding photos after the wedding?

Depending on the time of year it takes me 8-12 weeks to get through editing your wedding, I will keep you updated though and you receive a preview on social media the day after your wedding to keep you going!

Can we print our photos?

Yes! You can order prints through your online gallery but you are also welcome to print them yourselves. Although I recommend going somewhere good and reliable so that your prints look amazing and don’t fade in time.

Can we edit or put filters on the photos?

No. I have spent a long time and put a lot of effort into editing your photos so that they look perfect. They don’t need a filter on top or to be edited any more!