This is who I am

Hiya! I'm Rachel...

...a fun and colourful wedding photographer from Liverpool! I’m not one for doing things normally, I have blue hair and don’t take life too seriously. I’m super relaxed and chilled out and I’m always up for a laugh, which will make sure that your wedding photography will be as stress free and fun as possible! Who knows what colour my hair will be next but if you're super nice you never know I might match it to your wedding haha!

I am the biggest animal lover ever!! I have the sweetest and floofiest rough collie (lassie dog!!) called Opal. I also have a cheeky Australian Shepherd called Ferris. They are with me most of the time and usually lying on my feet when I am editing your photos. I have a sassy cat, his name is Leighton, and Ally named after Muhammad Ali - to sweeten my dad up about her as he wasn’t fussed when we brought her home, now she lives there as he wouldn’t let me take her when I moved out!! I pay for her food and get visitation lol! I also foster cats and volunteer for Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary. If you are having any animals at your wedding I am the photographer for you!!

I love a good book and also a good TV series to binge on, especially if it is a true crime drama/documentary! My favourite bands are the Arctic Monkeys and Foals. My music taste is so broad though, I will listen to anything! I graduated from university with a music degree, I play the violin, piano and ukulele - I am much better with a camera though haha. I went to Glastonbury festival in 2019 and it was the best time of my life, I even photographed a wedding while I was there!!

I use exclamation marks more than is necessary but if you have read this far then you have already figured that out haha!