This is who I am

Hiya! I'm Rachel...

...a fun and colourful wedding photographer from Liverpool! I’m not one for doing things normally, I have blue hair and don’t take life too seriously. I’m super relaxed and chilled out and I’m always up for a laugh, which will make sure that your wedding photography will be as stress free and fun as possible!

I am the biggest animal lover ever!! I have the cutest cat ever, her name is Ally, named after Muhammad Ali - to sweeten my dad up about her as he wasn’t fussed when we brought her home, now she lives there as he wouldn’t let me take her when I moved!! I have 3 Guinea pigs Monica, Phoebe and Peaches. Unfortunately, I can’t have my own dog due to where I live but I am always out walking other peoples’. Every time people see me I have a different dog with me haha! My favourite is Willow the Australian Shepherd and hopefully when I move I will be getting one! If you are having any animals at your wedding I am the photographer for you!!

I love a good book and also a good tv series to binge on, currently watching Prison Break (how have I never seen this before?!) My favourite bands are the Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen!