Liverpool Wedding at St Georges Hall – Kat and Dan

I got a message on Friday from Kat saying that her and Dan were tired of all the back and forth with their wedding plans and that they were going to the registry office tomorrow to get married. After already having to postpone/cancel their wedding in Turkey that was due to take place earlier this year. They do have a date planned for next year but with all the changing restrictions and uncertainty, they just wanted to finally go and get married! Kat and Dan started planning their Liverpool Wedding just a few days before! Kat assumed I would be busy but I was actually free due to a wedding on this date being brought forward to a few weeks ago. So I replied saying how exciting, I’m free do you want me to come and photograph it?! Kat was made up, so we began our last minute plans haha!

St George’s Hall

They got married in St Georges Hall. Which is a Liverpool Wedding venue I photograph many weddings at every year but this is my first one this year, due to so many weddings being postponed! It was lovely to be back. St George’s Hall is a grade 1 listed building in the heart of Liverpool. The batman film is also being filmed there at the minute, how exciting! So they can say ‘we got married there while they were filming Batman!’

Before the Ceremony

We started with some getting ready photos, Kat’s dress was amazing and she looked absolutely stunning. Her flowers were beautiful, last minute she asked Urban Flowers for ‘whatever was in season’ and the bouquet and button holes were just perfect. I love a big, messy bouquet and bright colours!

Kat and Dan and their closest family members went for a wander around the Liverpool docks to get some photos before the ceremony. The plan was to make the most of the brighter weather as it was due to rain later on. The weather had other plans and I think we experienced every kind of weather in the space of an hour haha! We sun, rain, more rain, sun, wind, wind AND rain and inside out umbrellas hahaha. It made good, fun photos though haha.

I was so glad I got to capture this for Kat and Dan. I know people might be thinking ‘oh it’s only a little wedding,’ ‘It’s just the legal bit’ but it is still important memories that are worth capturing and sharing with friends and family who couldn’t come. The small, chilled out weddings I am photographing this year are really lovely! If you are considering having one, I would love to capture it for you!

Congratulations to Kat and Dan!!

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