Gretna Green Wedding Elopement – Laura and Ryan

Okay today was my favourite Monday ever. EVER! I had the best day with Laura and Ryan, celebrating their wedding at Gretna Green. They had decided to travel to Gretna Green to get married just the two of them. It was wonderful. I was honoured when they asked me to photograph it and be a witness for them. I knew we were going to be a great match when their first email enquiry was mainly about their cats haha!

Gretna Green

Laura and Ryan stayed and got ready in the Smiths Hotel Gretna Green. From there we walked over the road to the Famous Blacksmiths Shop which is suited at the heart of Gretna Green Village. It is world famous and is the historic home of the anvil wedding! It has been hosting ‘runaway’ weddings since the Marriage act of 1754, wow!! According to their website ‘Legend has it that if you touch the famous Gretna Green anvil it brings you good fortune in affairs of the heart.’

Photo Adventure

After their Gretna Green wedding ceremony we went on a photo adventure!! This was fun for me as I only usually spend 10-20 minutes doing couple photos at weddings. With no guests to rush back to we had lots of time to wander around Gretna Green and take some fun, cute and epic couple photos! Naturally, Laura and Ryan laughed all the way through this.

I try to be a ‘best wedding friend’ with a camera for my couples so Laura and Ryan didn’t feel awkward while we were doing these, it was just a huge laugh and lots of fun! We messed around with some smoke bombs, ran up and down a hill and pretended they were in the sky (scroll and this will make sense lol). Laura had even gone back to the hotel to change her shoes so that she was ‘ready for all terrains.’ While poor Ryan’s shoes were rubbing him by the end of it but he soldiered on!

Laura did her own hair and make up and looked absolutely stunning!! Don’t even get me started on that dress. My jaw dropped when I saw it. Utterly GORGEOUS! I’ve never seen one like it but it is easily one of my favourites. Ryan had a lovely button hole made by Laura’s mum to match her bouquet, which was super sweet.

Congratulations to my 2 new favourite people, Laura and Ryan!!

Bride and groom smiling at each other before leaving the hotel to get married
bride and groom laughing on hotel bed
bride and groom exchanging rings during gretna green wedding ceremony
bride and groom placing their hands on the anvil at gretna green wedding
bride and groom placing their hands on the anvil at gretna green weddingin black and white
bride and groom looking at each other
bride and groom laughing in black and white
bride and groom in a field looking at each other
bride and groom laughing in a field with a pink smoke bomb
bride and groom laughing in a field with a pink smoke bomb
bride and groom stood in a field at gretna green
bride and groom stood in front of the LOVE locks at gretna green wedding
bride and groom about to kiss with clouds in the background
bride and groom looking at each other surrounded by white smoke
groom spins bride around while dancing in white smoke
bride and groom walking whilst linking arms and looking at each other smiling
bride and groom celebrating with their arms in the air

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